behind the design

happy weekend, everyone! I don’t know about you, but three-day weekends are my absolute favorite thing ever. i’ve spent the entire week brainstorming recipe ideas and blog ideas and I love having all of the time in the world to make them come to life!

i’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want my first post to be about. then, as I was designing a wedding cake for a client, it hit me: why not show my customers what the process of designing a cake actually looks like?

typically, the process starts on pinterest or instagram. I spend considerable amounts of time looking for inspiration and unique color palettes. some of my favorite accounts include: molly yeh, alana jones-mann, rifle paper company and leslie vigil. once i’ve found enough inspiration, I get to work!


I start with basic sketches of what I have envisioned. I try not to let myself get too nit-picky about my sketches and instead, I let the idea flow. once i’m happy with my sketches, I begin to work on identifying my color palette.

as a side note— I did not go to school for art. in fact, the only art class I took in college was a drawing I course that kicked my ass. I don’t have any formal “color theory” knowledge. essentially, I “go with the flow” and let the colors pick themselves.

first, I build my color foundation which is determined by the colors that my clients provide me with. in this case, my clients want a cake that accentuates their wedding theme of navy/blush pink (which is one of my favorite color combinations ever!). from then, I always like to include a couple of muted colors and one accent color that adds a little bit of a pop.

if I ever feel truly stuck on a palette, I’ll browse adobe kuler for a little while until I find something that meets my needs. otherwise, 99% of the time, I create my own palettes which is the most fun. I then refer to my trusty box of food coloring to nail down my palette.


if you’ve never used americolor gel food coloring, you need to drop everything you’re doing and purchase one (or three?) of their student kits online. gel food coloring has changed my life and americolor never fails to produce the prettiest, most vibrant colors.

now that I’ve picked my colors, it’s time to make my sketch come to life!

in the past, i’ve done sketches and designs the very old-school way (pencil, paper and colored pencils). knowing that I need to be a little more tech-savvy, i’ve convinced my dude to let me borrow his ipad pro and draw cake shapes to scale for me! he’s the best.


from that point on, it takes me about an hour or so to transfer my color palette and paper sketches to the ipad pro. sometimes, it’s tricky because I want everything to look perfect, and then I remind myself to save those perfectionist tendencies for when i’m baking and decorating the actual cake.


voila! here’s the final product! this particular cake won’t come to life until mid-february.

in the meantime, i’ll continue to work on other recipes and designs and i’ll be sure to share them here! if you’re interested in a custom cake like this, don’t hesitate to reach out! i’m always willing to work with new and fun ideas.

happy baking (and designing)!!!