my commitment to quality-- not quantity

woah. how are we hitting July already? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve still got quite a few things to check off of my summer bucket list including, getting through my summer reading list, drinking copious amounts of sour beers on a lake somewhere, helping my favorite vegetable farmers tend to their massive vegetable garden, getting a full week of running in (plz stop raining, @midwest) and going to UNGLUED SUMMER CAMP WITH MY BFF at the end of August!!!

when the summer started, I had every intention of throwing my entire self into getting work done for my business. and, I mean, don’t get me wrong— I have made major updates to my website, including online ordering and increasing my prices (which is an entire blog post subject in itself), but overall, I’ve found myself wanting to post less.

most social media experts would tell me that I’m probably hurting my business, or my brand, for not posting consistently, or enough, but here’s the thing— I don’t believe that my success solely rests on creating visual content... and I know that makes me an outlier.

I’m going to keep it real with you all: there have been numerous instances in the last four months in which I have wanted to scrap this entire idea and move on. I spent countless late nights and early mornings cranking out cakes and cupcakes, taking 100s of photos, editing, questioning if I should post this picture or that picture, not getting paid what I was worth, crying during vacations because I felt financial pressure and social pressure to KEEP TAKING ORDERS AND KEEP PRODUCING CONTENT. I began to hate it.

so, I stopped.

I stopped taking photos of cakes.
I stopped overextending myself.
I made the choice to raise my prices and confidently stand behind that choice.
I made the choice to limit my menu, to avoid decision fatigue and to cut my overall costs.
I made the choice to say no to exposure-only events, because exposure is not going to pay my bills.

last week, I read an interview with Frank Chimero where he talks about causing “good trouble,” to combat “achievement culture.” my absolute favorite part of the interview is when he states that, “the things that nourish you are also the things that will nourish your work, give it purpose, depth, and soul.”

what nourishes my soul isn’t maintaining appearances on social media.

my soul is nourished by valuing the precious time that I have on this earth and filling that time with adventure, risk and excitement. my soul loves to travel and play and eat. it loves to run, hike and spend hours in nature. it loves to spend hours in the kitchen, crafting recipes by piecing together various notes and ideas written on the back of receipts and on my phone. it loves watching my step-daughter decorate cakes with pure joy and excitement. it loves teaching others how to decorate. it loves encouraging and uplifting other business owners. it loves living without boundaries.

so, in this next season of my business, you may notice less instagram posts, less facebook posts, less “stories,” and less “content,” overall. but what I can promise is that what I choose to share with the world will be full of love, passion and excitement. it will have purpose, depth and will be chock full of soul and I can’t wait.

happy summer!


ps: here are all of my favorite moments from summer so far :)